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Good Morning Vesna,

Thank you for your note last evening; I can't tell you how excited Txxxxx is about this new piano that will arrive on her birthday, Monday next. No doubt she will find the words and share them and her enthusiasm with you when she sees you on Monday.

It has, as always, been my pleasure to work with you on the selection and purchase of a musical instrument. Your guidance and understanding approach to a major acquisition such as the purchase of this Rosewood Knabe masterpiece is so helpful and so very appreciated.

Yes, the address is still the same (1xxx xxxxxxx., Miss., xxx xxx as it was in 2001 but the phone number at home has changed to 905-xxx-xxxx.

I look forward to hearing from you on Monday with delivery timing details. As I advised, I think, Txxxxx and I both expect to be at home to receive you and the Knabe on Monday. Can't wait.

If we don't speak in the meantime, do have a Great Weekend. Thanks for everything,


Justice xxxxxxxxxxx

Superior Court of Justice

Court House

xxx University Avenue

Toronto, Ont. xxx xxx

Dear Boris and Vesna,

On behalf of the Rotary Club I would like to thank you for the continued contribution and support for Rotary and our Community Service Program "Travelogue".

Your piano performance on October 21 was just outstanding. The variety of music and the contact you had with the audience was superb. You know how appreciative the audience was. The six hundred plus patrons had a wonderful evening. Again, thank you for your performance at this Rotary Community Service Program.

I hope we can count on you for next year's season's opening program.


Dr. George F. Zacal


Rotary Club of Mississauga West  

Hi Vesna and Boris,

Thank you so much! Our new piano arrived today and I am just thrilled. Finally, music... a piece of my life that had been missing has been brought back into my home. I have attached a photo of my son Jason who is also very happy with the new addition to our living room. As he continues to show an interest I wish to confirm the Monday 4.45 time – Great!

As mentioned earlier, once I get settled with the new baby I will likely consider starting up some lessons again for myself - after all it has been about 10 years. I suspect it will be a little bit like riding a bike... some things you never forget:-)

I do hope we’ll find new home for my old piano... it brought me much pleasure throughout my teenage years. Maybe someday it can be restored, but in the mean time appreciated for its history and antique value.

Thanks again for everything,

Heidi and family,

Oakville, ON

Congratulations on your grand opening. Wonderful event! Vesna and you played all those beautiful songs – I feel energized and wish to learn them!

These days it seems like I can't walk past my new piano without stopping to play it. I should have bought a new one years ago, but as I said timing is everything and what is, is always what was meant to be.

Now I finally have this beautiful piano to support my music lessons; and yes, I signed up for my Gr. 3 RCM exam. Could we extend Thursday lesson to 45 min?

Thanks for making my piano revisiting adventure a very pleasant one and hope to hear back from you soon

Bruce, Etobicoke, ON

Clarkson Piano Centre

1739 Lakeshore Rd. W.

Mississauga, Ontario

Dear Dr. Hrovat,

Dear Ms. Hrovat,

It gives me great pleasure to thank you and Vesna for the quality music training my son, Jake, has been receiving at your Academy. As an active 8-year old, we felt it important to balance Jake’s athletic pursuits with some artistic training. We had some trepidation about how our sports-focused son would react to piano classes and being indoors vs. playing outdoors with his friends.

Imagine our delight to see how much he has enjoyed the experience and now can’t walk past our piano at home without sitting down, playing and composing. He has discovered a talent he didn’t know existed and now has a greater appreciation for music in general. The balance he has developed between academics, athletics and music will serve him well throughout his life. We feel a great debt to your Academy and its teachers for guiding Jake onto this path of enrichment.

We have found your positive approach to life and teaching has been reflected in his lessons and your Academy’s general philosophy. As a teacher and businessman, I have found the same positive energy to be infectious to my students and employees and believe it produces better results than other methods.

We are very thankful we have found your Academy in the Clarkson/Lorne Park area and for what you have done for Jake in the two years he has been with you.

Please don’t hesitate to refer other parents to us should they also be considering enrolling their child in your program. It gets our highest recommendation.


Earl Robertson

President - L&K International Training

505 Queensway East

Suite 201W

Mississauga, Ontario

L5A 4B4

Phone: (905) 270-6200 ext. 226

Toll-free: (800) 668-6064 ext. 226

Fax: (905) 270-3786



Dear Vesna and Boris,

I Just wanted to Thank You for professional way you handled our Piano purchase and delivery of same. It has been one week now that I have had the pleasure of discovering my Kohler (digital) Piano and it is certainly one of my dreams come true! My dream as to play as well as you is yet to be realized. I'll keep working at it for sure!

Again, my hubby's and my sincere thanks for your help and for piano lessons with Don.

We wish you continued success with Clarkson Piano & look forward to seeing you again in the future,


Maureen and Don, Mississauga

Dear Vesna,

Kaya is enjoying her classes with you very much. Since she is taking lessons with you at your studio her interest is up - and we can't tell you how happy we are to see her practicing...regularly! Her general interest in music is now high...We credit your caring and dedicated teaching for the wonderful improvement in Kaya's skill and, more importantly for her ever-increased interest in music and the piano study...The Concerts and Events that Clarkson Piano so generously offers to the Community are definitely something that we've never seen before!

Thank you for nourishing a love of music ... With teenage years approaching I can't tell you how happy I am to see my daughter develop such a strong relationship with music - at the Clarkson Piano...

Please keep the 60 min time-slot for Kaya on Tuesdays and 45 min on Fridays - from September .

We feel so lucky to find you and the Forte Academy,

Thankfully yours,

Irma Bachovski and family 

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Hrovat,

On behalf of all of us at the Consulate General of The Republic of Croatia, and me personally, I would like to take this opportunity and, once again, most sincerely THANK YOU for the outstanding performance that has beautifully enhanced the Reception for Croatia day!

We would like you to know that our distinguished guests, diplomats from 32 countries have been particularly impressed with your Repertoire, and many of them requested your contact phone, that we were more than happy to provide to them.

Also, we want to thank you, and all your great staff involved, on perfectly organized

rental arrangement: delivery and tuning of the piano was on time, and we thank you

for doing that after our business hours. And about piano: we are impressed so much with it that we would like to seriously consider a purchasing of such instrument for our new Embassy facilities, being rebuilt at this time in Ottawa.

One more time, we want to thank you, personally, and to all involved from Clarkson/Hrovat Music for OUTSTANDING service we have received.

God Bless You All,

Mladen Cutura, Mr. Sci.

Consul General of the Republic of Croatia    

To Whom It May Concern,

My son has been enrolled in music lessons at the quite impressive facility for several years. Attracted by well-done advertising, as well as attractive premises and being busy parents we were confident that there is no need for a "second thought", and truly looking forward for the beginning of our son's music (piano) classes, despite quite high cost.

Our son has been taking the group classes, which was the strong point of the school, however even after few years (!), his hard work, and our support, expected and promised progress was missing: His skill was more or less related to the options available on his electronic piano, which we rushed to purchase... We were quite disappointed!

We have switched our son to private classes at the same school, however that was not really their specialty...

Fortunately, we approached Boris and his Clarkson Piano Centre – a place known to us since we have purchased our beautiful grand piano there, in the past.

At Clarkson Piano we have found all that we were hoping for: quality, private piano lessons; fantastic, skilled and focused teachers; friendly, artistic, supportive teaching environment - all that at very reasonable cost! Facility is modest, the quality is greatest!

When it comes to musical instrument classes - we are convinced that there is NOTHING like QUALITY PRIVATE music tuition! Everything else, in simple terms, is the WASTE OF TIME, EFFORT AND MONEY! We have experienced it!

We would like to let parents know that Forte Academy is THE BEST SCHOOL for quality, private music lessons!

Boris, Thank You and Your wonderful Staff for all that you have done for us! Our Congratulations for the expansion of your School!


R.& S. Weber Mississauga, ON   

Dear Vesna and Boris,

As you may remember, our daughter Irene, then 14 , was in grade 9 of The Royal Conservatory of Music - however we have noticed that she was loosing an interest and/or inspiration in the piano study.

As parents, we were proud that our Irene reached Grade 9 of the RCM, but it was obvious that requirements have become very demanding...We admit that sadly, it looked that she is going to discontinue piano- but we tried to look for the way of helping her ... continue piano lessons.

Although we were told when purchasing her instrument (Yamaha digital piano)- how..."great" instrument digital piano is...perfectly suitable..." etc, we started to question those ...remarks. We have clearly seen that our daughter DOES NOT ENJOY playing ON THAT PIANO, and started to believe that...perhaps, she DOES LIKE TO PLAY PIANO - but it seemed like she just DOES NOT LIKE THE FEEL and/or SOUND of our Yamaha digital piano. Furthermore, when she had a chance to play on a good acoustic piano, especially on a grand piano, we could see how much she really likes to play and enjoys and appreciate REAL piano...That made us think about buying a REAL piano, so we've entered a tough and confusing grand piano market and visited numerous dealers.

We have heard so many interesting and helpful stories...but we were and truly are IMPRESSED, Boris, with the CARE, UNDERSTANDING and ATTENTION received when visited your store. We believe that a Grand Piano purchase for every family is a major household project and expense, and we admit that we have not been fully prepared for it - but we have been committed to give THE BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE to our child(ren) by providing them with the best piano we could possibly afford!

Boris, we are grateful for helping us make decision: After purchasing beautiful HEINTZMAN grand piano from you, Irene so passionately continued to play, practice...That was like new life has began..! SHE JUST LOVES TO PLAY ON HER HEINTZMAN, and she just LOVES THAT PIANO! Also, her progress is tremendous: not only that she is now working on her grade 10 RCM, but she is working as a assistant to her fine instructor....Ms.Fong, at her studio. Most of all, we feel blessed that she LOVES MUSIC , AGAIN!

And, yes, we are impressed with prompt delivery, and your delivery people, as well as follow-up service(s) and customer care. Besides our intention to express our THANKS, Boris, throughout this letter that explains our experience, we would also like to send a message(s) to other parents that maight encounter similar situations:

1) The quality of the piano you offer to your child, piano student IS VERY IMPORTANT! It is amazing for us to see HOW MUCH DIFFERENCE fine instrument has made! Give your child your best! Give your child a chance !!!

2) In your search for IN-DEPTH, PROFESSIONAL, "BEST-FOR-YOU" piano solution visit Clarkson Music and Boris! We are truly confident that there is no better place to buy piano.

Simple as that!

We hope that our message will reach as many as possible parents and possible piano buyers, and we fully authorize you to use this letter any way you want. Perhaps, you may post-it on your GREAT web-site??

Once again, Boris, The understanding of our situation, care and attention received FROM YOU AND YOUR TEAM are very much appreciated.


With Kindest regards,

Victor and Zoia A.           

Dear Vesna,

Thank you so much for teaching me this year, I learned soooo much music! And it's all thanks to your hard and dedicated work! You are the BEST teacher, Ever, You are the best!

Your student, Andrea M. (11)


From Jessica To Mrs. Vesna Hrovat

For the best teacher!

I really like you. I just want to say thank you for teaching me piano. I hope you have a good trip...



Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary in Canada and fantastic Anniversary Event! We are proud that our children are students of such enthusiastic, dedicated and filled-with-talent School of Music!


The Guthrie Family


Hi Boris,

Congratulations on an outstanding curriculum and excellent teachers. I am grateful for their dedication, especially with my children who rarely practice. Still, the results are notable.


A.C. (Charles) Sousa

(416) 974-xxxx



The recent Clarkson Piano Student Recital was the finest event of that kind we've ever attended. Thank you for providing such a fine performance opportunity to our children and this community!

Proud to be a part of the Forte Family!

D. Gordon and family, Clarkson, Mississauga

P.S. Where do you find the time and energy for all that you do?


Hi Vesna,

Thank you again for all your help with our decisions. You're very kind.

Garner and I love the piano.

Most importantly, your patience and dedication to teaching are much appreciated – and the effort to come to Clarkson for Peter’s lessons is well worth it!

Thank you again for all your help. I'm going to make sure that all my

friends know about your store and your terrific service.

R. Redford

Toronto, ON


Dear Vesna,

Just a note to wish you and your family all the very best in the New 2003 Year.

Elizabeth is getting ready for her Gr.7 RCM exam, and most of all she truly enjoys the piano study - we forever credit her study with you, your passion for music and teaching for her continuous success and enjoyment of music.

Boris, you and your people are just with no match!

Gratefully yours,

Family Anderson, Mississauga


To Whom It May Concern,

Dear Vesna and Boris,

One of the best things that happened to me lately is - signing up for lessons at your friendly and wonderful Piano Studio. You just COULD NOT FIND the better teacher for me then Vesna - I am MOST DELIGHTED to work with her, and eagerly looking forward each lesson! I've learned so much from her...

Thank You, Boris personally, and your fine staff for offering such a great - competent and highly professional yet worm, human, caring and understanding service. I feel like I am being part of the very fine organization - organization looked after by carrying professionals - without "institutional" attitude.

Thank you, again, for offering to Clarkson & Mississauga such magnificent services!!!

Ciao, and see you Saturday,


Mrs. J.Donatto


Dear Boris,

I hope this note finds you well. It was such a joy to learn that Courtney was awarded one of your scholarships. Thank you very much for bestowing on him such a wonderful blessing.

Since moving Courtney to Clarkson School of Music, his skill at the piano has been highly improved - his playing has become so refined. We credit this progress to the quality of your teachers and the careful attention given to each student.

The recitals build confidence and self-esteem and allow the whole family to participate in the child’s progress. Our Courtney eagerly looks forward to every performance.

Boris, we are so pleased with the excellent work of Clarkson School of Music that we have decided to enroll Courtney’s younger brother Kevin in the guitar program!

I wish you God’s richest blessings and continued success in your work.

Respectfully yours,



Dear Vesna and Boris!

We didn't know each other before Benjamin started playing the piano at your music school. We just came in - searching for quality music lessons for our son, then age 6.

Being teachers, both my husband and I, we realize the multiple benefits of music education to child's development. Therefore, for us, our child's music education is among the very top priorities. We also know the tremendous IMPORTANCE OF THE FIRST TEACHER.

After our first conversation, in which you explained the goals of your teaching method, we were convinced THAT IS the most efficient way of learning music. After completion of the basic courses, we left for Europe. Benjamin was accepted at a well-known Austrian university's children's class. There, he has successfully completed four semesters with several performances on different concerts. We are confident that beside his work the very well established basics AT YOUR SCHOOL, and under your guidance have helped him to continue successfully the study of music. We are very grateful to you for providing such a great introduction to study of music!

In September 2000, we came back to Canada, and insisted our son continue his studies ONLY at the ClarksonStudio. During Benjamin's "career" we visited many schools, we talked to lot of piano teachers, also in Europe as well as in the area. And we found that your school is without a rival! We mean it seriously, we couldn't experience anywhere else such a competent, well-organized and supporting learning environment, as well as your deep personal commitment to every individual student, care and understanding.

It was clear that in the study of piano, we need an adequate instrument for our son, and we were uncertain what kind of piano should we buy for him. We went to different piano stores, but somehow we always had a bad feeling, that all salesman had only one aim and that was to sell any piano for us. But it was different in your store. When someone comes in he/she can see at first sight, that you are thoroughly acquainted with all types of pianos and it's good to see, how much you CARE about people's needs. Thank you for the professional explanations about every important details regarding pianos and for choosing the best one for our family! The Story and Clark studio piano which we got from you is wonderful. Benjamin likes to play it and he feels that it makes a big difference to play a piano which is perfectly suited for him.

Dear Boris, we are convinced that your experience, deep knowledge and kindness are the best advertising arguments for your company. Thank you for helping us to choose THE RIGHT WAY!

R & L Tokes,

Mississauga, On 

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