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" I believe in using the entire piano as a single instrument capable of expressing every possible musical idea..."

Oscar Peterson

Welcome to Clarkson Piano Studio's Piano Buying Guide 1:

Buying a piano is fun and exciting event that a whole family can get involved in! Still, our parents and/or students often feel overwhelmed by so many options, brands, chat-rooms and opinions accessible via Internet. They often contact us feeling that there is nothing like the real-world, first-hand experience and live communication with someone in the field, and of ample experience. So,naturally, as teachers and performers we've been consulted numerous times by our students and their families as they were about to purchase their first family piano or upgrade their existing instrument. Our long-standing involvement in Music Industry and long-lasting contacts with piano servicing community, collaboration and association with jazz/pop/classical performers, as well as with piano suppliers and prominent manufacturers provided an inside look and knowledge on multitude of brands, features and options taking a mystery out of piano shopping! We are proud of our testimonials - many of them related to our assistance in acquiring the family piano!

A PIANO not only serves the art of music, piano is a work of art itself.

A wonderfully complex machine, it has thousands of moving parts, a sounding board and a framework supporting tremendous string tension, and beautifully finished cabinetry.

My advice: buy the best piano you can afford. Don't economize on a piano, especially for a child who's starting lessons. Making music on a quality instrument is one of the best ways to keep your young pianist interested. And, good piano will hold the best re-sale or trade-in value.

You've been looking forward to having a piano in your home and making music a part of your life. You're ready to buy a piano. How will you decide which instrument is best for you?

A piano is many things - an instrument, a fine piece of furniture, an object of sentimental value and a long-term investment that yields musical dividends.

Keep in mind that you'll be listening to and looking at your piano for a long time. The average lifetime of a good piano spans decades, and you will probably own it long after you've sold many of your present belongings, including the furniture, or a car.

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