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Clarkson Piano Studio is a long term supporter of the Royal Conservatory program. We specialize in preparing our students for RCM Examinations.

The Royal Conservatory of Music Program is one of the best and most comprehensive music teaching programs that incorporates all that is essential to develop skilled musicianship. Behind the RCM curriculum is over a century of experience, generations of students and teams of finest educators in constant search for the very best in the musical educational field. In simple terms, Canadian, Royal Conservatory of Music program is a true hallmark of the quality music education, recognized coast-to-coast and internationally, the only program that offers high-school credits, tax and RESP benefits. Most of all- we are convinced that the RCM program is well-structured, comprehensive teaching program that successfully balances the values of the traditional music instruction with the expanded needs of the 21st century student.

Regardless of a student’s chosen career path, achievement in The Royal Conservatory's examinations is an impressive addition to any résumé. In addition to demonstrating musical accomplishments, it is indicative of a student's creativity, willingness to learn, ability to set both short- and long-term goals, and a commitment to achieving challenging tasks.

RCM: The World's finest system of structured music study and assesment

For more than 125 years, The Royal Conservatory of Music has provided an unparalleled music education to millions of individuals from across North America.

Today, The Royal conservatory of Music is considered the preeminent music education system in many countries around the world.

The Certificate Program provides;

  • An effectively sequenced system of music study from beginner to advanced levels
  • A comprehensive integrated approach that supports music literacy and fosters a life-long love and understanding of music
  • A system of music study that is recognized by international music schools,universities, colleges, orchestras and ensembles.

To check the currently available lesson days/times - contact us or phone: 416.837.7381

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