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Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations:

Internationally recognized standard of Excellence!

At CLARKSON PIANO STUDIO we specialize in assisting students that are following various levels of the Royal Conservatory Program to prepare for corresponding RCM Exam requirements.

We are your RCM Exam Prep Centre!

Contact us or call 416.837.7381 for more details.

A Message from Vesna:

I invite you to take part in preparation and completion of a piano and theory examinations with Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations. Students who use the curriculum of The Royal Conservatory of Music are following a well-balanced course of study, internationally recognized for more then one hundred years.

The self-discipline developed by setting and working towards the goal of an examination will be valuable in all other aspects of a student's life. The positive and constructive feedback received after each examination is designed to contribute to a student's sense of accomplishment and to help setting future goals. As your local RCM Examination preparation centre, we look forward to guiding you and making the examination preparation become a positive and exciting experience leading to great accomplishment!

RCM Examinations are internationally recognized as a system of evaluation that enables students, teachers and parents to measure a student's progress within a time-tested framework.  

At Clarkson Piano Studio we wish to encourage our students and parents to get involved with RCM Examinations and experience all the long-term values and benefits of that rewarding process.

By completing the entire RCM curriculum, students are transformed into mature music professionals, receiving A.R.C.T. professional designation, ready to further master their music education, or pursue music career opportunities.

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