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Sophisticated, elegant piano music for your upcoming Event 

Beautiful Live Piano Music is awaiting to transform your upcoming gathering into a memorable Event. Contact us and book a piano performance for your upcoming event.

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Piano Fantasy Events

Just add Piano Fantasy...

Piano Fantasy...

...features internationally loved repertoire that attracts wide range of audiences.

The style and choice of music and its relaxed, “rubato”, free style, live presentation complements beautifully the wide range of events and venues. 

Piano Fantasy Recordings and Performances Project by Boris, is an evolution of his life-long, passionate friendship with music and piano.

About Piano Fantasy Project

By Dr. Robin Garvin, M.D., M.Mus. 

“Boris, known to his fans as “The Master of Intimate Piano” is a Canadian-Croatian pianist, keyboardist, arranger, composer, music instructor and tireless promoter of music and music education.

For nearly three decades, the splendor of Boris’ elegant and sophisticated piano solos delighted the audiences - from intimate settings to VIP events and prestigious venues in Europe (Croatia, Austria, Italy, Germany, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia), US and, indeed, since 1994 in Canada. Classically trained pianist, Boris’s piano music blends the classical technique and style with original ideas presenting fine, unique arrangements of the popular tunes, standards and movie scores. It is Boris’ gift of communicating the music with the audience and his fine skill of interpretation and presentation that make his piano performances special and desired.”

Piano Fantasy Featuring...

..A Dream Repertoire...

By Dr. Robin Garvin, M.D., M.Mus.

"Many of us that play piano call Boris’ repertoire “Every Pianist’s Dream”:

Piano Fantasy : Tasteful selection of timeless songs adopted, arranged with personal touch for piano and presented delightfully in classical style by Boris. Piano Fantasy showcases Piano The King of Musical Instruments in a passionate but softer, more intimate and soothing fashion. It is Boris’ gentle, fine and unique tone, rich dynamics and original approach to melody line/harmony progression interaction that create Boris’ signature style. Piano Fantasy showcases the talent, fine skill and mastery of the art of the presentation Boris is blessed with.“

Book a professional pianist for your private or corporate event today!

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