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Price: $8495 (New U-series silent pianos start from $16900: source: One only - Contact us:


This silent piano is made by Yamaha - the inventor of today's immensely popular Silent Piano technology. In the centre of both acoustic and digital performance capabilities of this immaculate instrument is the precise, legendary Yamaha action. This amazing Yamaha offers a signature Yamaha acoustic tone and key touch. With the option to instantaneously transform it into a magnificent sounding Yamaha digital piano producing Yamaha Concert Grand Piano Sound that can be played via headphones (included) or speaker/sound system of your choice. Don't miss the opportunity to try, play and experience this impressive, reasonably-priced, elegant Yamaha Upright Piano of a compact footprint. Matching Yamaha bench, manuals, quality new headphones, professional delivery and in-home tuning - INCLUDED! 

Yamaha Silent Piano U5AS Ebony Polished
  •  Roland FP90X Brand-new, Factory sealed. One only!

New-like unit available for sale: YAMAHA M-series, satin cherry finish - One only!


One of the finest Yamaha pianos of studio console size ever! One of the most successful scale designs, producing rich, clear, resonant tone, coupled with superbly responsive, fast, accurate legendary Yamaha key-action. 100% made by Yamaha US, circa 2005. 


Meticulously built by Yamaha's US facility in Thomaston, Georgia, this line of US-built Yamaha pianos features impeccable Japanese engineering, design and craftsmanship while using some of the best natural materials and woods that best fit the North American climate zone!   


This particular instrument is as pristine as possible, with a new-like interior and exterior.

The clear, beautiful, rich and deep tone is just the beginning of this fantastic Yamaha piano experience! Contact us for more details or to schedule your viewing appointment. One only!


Specification details:

V-Pro Plate

Yamaha uses V-Pro (Vacuum Shield Mold Process) in casting the iron frame (plate). V-Pro plates are stronger and visually more appealing. Critical dimensions are produced more accurately than before.


Height: 44"

Width : 58"

Depth : 23"

Weight: 475 lbs.

Origin USA - made by YAMAHA US, Thomaston, Georgia

#1 String: 44.5"

Hammer Weight: 19 lbs.

Soundboard Area: 1943 square inches

Material: Solid American Spruce

Back Post Material: Aspen Spruce

V-Pro Plate: Yes

Bridge Material: Hard Maple

Pinblock Material: Wisconsin Hard-Rock Maple

Tuning Pins: Cut thread

Center Pedal: Mute

Action: YAMAHA

Metal Action Rail: Yes

Seasoned for Destination: Yes

Keyboard 88 keys, Highly-elastic, strong, light Aspen Spruce

Unboxed unit available for sale:                KURZWEIL MPS20F            

The Incredible KURZWEIL MPS20F is the ultimate portable piano solution, created by legendary KURZWEIL for that incomparable PIANO experience. Two hundred (200) incredible sounds include 24 piano sounds/sound programs. With 100 fantastic rhythm patterns, ten drum kits, MIDI and USB connectivity, Line In and Line out - this is a power-house performer of the acceptable weight of only 18 kg!

This model's rich piano sound is part of a fantastic collection of pro-quality sound programs of iconic Kurzweil PC3 origin! The MPS20F offers one of the most advanced digital piano actions built in Italy by World-renowned digital piano action specialist FATAR!

The MPS20F is a limited or "FATAR" edition of the MPS20 series that comes with World-Class Fatar Grand Piano Action, made in Italy!

MPS20F comes with a generous collection of 24 pianos/piano programs featuring Kurzweil’s newest “Pro Piano”, outstanding proprietary "Triple Strike Piano," and unique Horowitz Piano - replicating Grand Maestro's customized Steinway and Sons Grand Piano Model D's unique sound! 


With 100 rhythms & 10 drum kits, the MPS20 goes beyond conventional piano features, including a built-in library of over 200 sounds taken from the PC3 series keyboard. Included are a variety of categories, each with a designated custom default voice preset. These include electric pianos, tone wheel organs, pipe organs, strings, vocals, orchestral ensembles, synthesizers, and many more to inspire, amaze and support creativity.


The MPS20 is Kurzweil’s first digital piano to feature the all-new LK40 GH Graded Hammer “Grand Piano Escapement” Action Keyboard. The MPS20 keyboard grades the hammer weight in 4 zones, from heavier in the bass to lighter in the higher octaves. The action also features an escapement, which reproduces the let-off and jack engagement of a real acoustic piano.

The MPS20F features further upgraded Real-Grand™ Hammer Action made by Fatar (Italy). This is one of the finest key-actions money can buy in the portable digital piano market! 


This model offers an on-board 2-Track sequencer with twenty songs presets. A doublewide scrolling alphanumeric display is a reliable, highly visible and practical solution taking minimal main panel space while providing a wealth of information. 


This fantastic model adds 6 “Favorite” voice presets, an array of rich effects, selectable touch sensitivity, split, layer, transpose and 51 demo songs. In addition, Kurzweil adds a new “Variation” button, offering subtle voice changes to your existing sound.

The MPS20F features an impressive 4-speaker, rich, 30-watt proprietary monitor sound system!


Versatile connectivity is there, too: stereo inputs and outputs, MIDI, and USB. The MPS20F is housed in an attractive matte black cabinet and comes with a portable music rack and solid, well-made KURZWEIL sustain pedal! 


  • Keyboard: 88-Note, Graded Hammer-Action, Fatar TP40-L Keyboard, Made in Italy
  • Keyboard Velocity Sensitivity: 10 selectable response levels
  • Display: Scrolling 4-character, dot-matrix LED
  • Polyphony: 64 note
  • Preset Programs: 200 Expressive sounds, including award-winning Triple Strike Grand Piano, sourced from PC3, Kurzweil Pro.
  • User Presets: 6, one-touch recallable "favourites", providing quick access to customized selections.
  • Additional controls: Splits/Layers: Quick Split/Layer, easy access with adjustable relative volume
  • Transpose: Full transposition to any key, +/- two octaves
  • Tune: Adjust by Cents (+/- 100 cents)
  • Effects: Dual ambience and effect processors (reverberation and chorus). Rich and complex effects from the PC3 Series.
  • Drum Patterns: 100 pre-recorded interactive patterns in a variety of styles (incl. metronome)
  • Recorder/Sequencer: 2-Track; 20 song capacity.
  • Demo Songs: 51 classic piano demonstration songs
  • Sound System: 30-watt 4-speaker stereo sound system
  • Audio Outs: Stereo left/right 1/4" line outs (for connecting to external amplification)
  • Audio Ins: Stereo left/right 1/4" line ins (for connecting external sound sources)
  • Headphones: (2) 1/4" stereo headphone outs
  • MIDI I/O: In and Out connectors
  • USB: (1) port; "Plug and Play" USB functionality allows MIDI over USB for connecting to/from an external computer sequencer; no software driver is needed
  • Pedals: (1) dual switch-type jack (single switch-pedal included); (1) jack for optional single Expression pedal
  • Finishes: Dark Gray
  • Bench: Matching bench optional
  • Dimensions: Instrument: 3.5in(H) x 51.6in(L) x 14.2in(D) / 8.9cm(H) x 131.1cm(L) x 36.1cm(D)
  • Stand (optional): 26.0in(H) x 51.2in(L) x 13.8in(D) / 66.0cm(H) x 130.1cm(L) x 35.1cm(D)
  • Weight: 39.7 lb / 18.3 Kg
  • Power: International voltage accepted - 90-250V free voltage external power supply
  • (DC Power jack - 15VDC, 2.5A)
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