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Welcome to Clarkson Piano from David & Laura: With piano since the early days, literally 

We Are Your Clarkson Piano: Fun - Competent - Convenient  


Welcome to Clarkson Piano - A Family School of Music!

"The study of piano and music is good for you. It will make you happy and successful..." are the words of my parents that I have heard many times growing up. And then is the joy of my upbringing in a caring home environment filled with piano sounds. Many years later, many ups and downs later (who likes to practice??), I am ever so grateful for my parents' support and unique ability to help me and my sister stay on the music-making path!

Today, as a University of Toronto graduate student, often involved in challenging presentations and exposed to a very intense and competitive academic and research environment, I've learned firsthand the competitive edge developed by the study of music.

The music/RCM exams, participation in competitions, festivals, live concerts and all the tension and "butterflies" involved in the process have prepared me to perform and deliver in an academic environment with much more ease, with better focus, concentration, self-control and success. 

These are only some of the many NON-MUSICAL benefits of studying music that my family and I believe in and will continue to promote tirelessly! We will continue to assist YOUR FAMILY and CHILDREN in experiencing the wealth of benefits that a proper, passionate, tactful and loving music education environment inevitably develops. I've experienced it first-hand!

I can't tell you how much piano has enriched my life on all levels...but I will try to. :) More importantly, we wish to help you discover or re-discover the beauty of the piano and make it part of your life. Join  Clarkson Piano - Welcome!

Contact us at or by calling 905-822-0606. 


Last year marked 29 years of teaching piano or 29 years of pure fun and joy!
We adore music and piano and are so very proud of our students, past and present!

We live and love piano and music. 

We Proudly combine the Finest European and Canadian Music professional training with extensive Canadian teaching and Canadian and International performing experience!

We specialize in teaching beginners and nourishing a lifelong friendship with music - Welcome!

Student's Name:*

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Additional Information: Parent's/guardian's name and contact information. Student's approximate level (beginner-intermediate-advanced), and current RCM level. Preferred lesson day/time. *

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  • Relaxed, friendly, supportive teaching environment: We've been the beginners, too!
  • Experienced, considerate, patient approach
  • Reasonable rates, flexible schedule, no admin fees
  • We specialize in teaching World-class, The Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Program
  • We specialize in The RCM Exam Preparation
  • We teach and support pop/casual program
  • Professional, comfortable, airy teaching facilities with plenty of natural light
  • We teach on the World's Finest - STEINWAY pianos
  • Live performance opportunities
  • Committed to delivering great results since 1992
  • Questions? Call 905.822.0606 or 647.401.5111

Join us and experience our inspiring, supportive and relaxing teaching environment & more

Piano lessons give the gift of music and much more: 

The piano study enhances intellectual development, enriches the academic environment for students of all ages and builds skills for life.  

The skills gained through sequential music instruction, including discipline and the ability to analyze, solve problems, communicate, and work cooperatively, are vital for success in the 21st-century workplace. 

To enroll in our program and experience all the tremendous musical, academic, behavioural, social and health benefits of the study of piano, please visit us

call 905-822-0606 or contact us

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