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Continental Console (43") by SAMICK, Ebony Polished


Weight: 457 lbs | Depth: 21 7/8" | Width: 58"

Soundboard Area: 1862 sq. in.

#1 Bass string: 45 1/2"

Description: This month, we are featuring this all-new 42” tall, Full Continental Console Upright piano by SAMICK: This redesigned model will surprise you with a powerful, resonant tone and a great touch! The sounding board of this compact yet mighty Upright Piano (1862 sq. in.) is equivalent in size to the one of the 5’ 7” Grand Piano! The direct-blow, all-maple action is JSO® certified, features accelerated repetition, individually balanced keys and medium-heavy touch for greater technical and dynamic requirements… This piano is a… Fantastic choice! 

Pin Block Multi-layered - Delignit Pinblock, Made in Germany

Tuning Pins Reverse-torque, Nickel-plated

Strings Made of German Roslau music wire

Pressure BarNickel plated

Hammers Royal George, UK, Premium grade wool, "t" wired

Keys Full length, balanced and weighted

Action All maple with aluminum rail - JSO® certified

Soundboard All spruce - surface tension

Bridges Hard rock maple

Ribs Spruce and notched into the liner

Plate Dimensionally accurate V-pro

Back-posts4 - hardwood back-posts


Since 1950's SAMICK Corporation of South Korea has been offering to the world piano market acoustic upright and grand pianos regarded as well built, reliable yet reasonably priced. Partnership with renowned designers, Klaus Fenner and Carl Gustav Benson; past partnership with iconic C. Bechstein of Berlin Germany; Rigorous quality control standards; Ongoing programs of research and development; excellence in balancing cutting edge technology and innovation with timeless skills of an expert workforce - all combine to offer instruments of exceptional value, consistent quality and durability. SAMICK quality is certified by ISO®, JSO®, SK® & more. Over the years SAMICK has evolved into one of the world's largest piano manufacturers.

August Hoffman Professional Upright Piano, AH122 (48 1/2", 122 cm),  Red Cherry Polished Finish

August Hoffman Pianofabrik AB was established in Stockholm Sweden, in 1838. During the 150 years of continuous operation, August Hoffman piano became a true hallmark of Northern Europe's art of piano making.

With the closure of the Swedish operation, in 1988, the August Hoffman tradition of excellence continues.

Using the original, authentic machinery, intricate scale design, aided by the latest technologies and built by highly acclaimed Asian-based Dong-Bei Parsons Piano Group, August Hoffman Pianos of today blend the tradition with innovation and the latest in piano manufacturing techniques.

Close association with one of the World's most respected piano companies and the World's oldest piano maker, Rud. Ibach Sohn of Schwelm, Germany, further influenced and added to the quality of this quality piano line that provided reliable, consistent performance in the North American, European, Asian and Australian piano markets.

It is of very special importance to the Canadian market, that the August Hoffman piano originates from a Stockholm area of Sweden with long, cold and very dry winters followed by a sudden change - humid and short and hot summers - very much alike climate conditions found in many regions of Canada. Swedish master craftsmen over time have developed and incorporated a number of preventative and protective features contributing to the August Hoffman pianos' impressive longevity, tonal, tuning and structural stability even in a range of challenging climate conditions. Today, August Hoffman pianos successfully blend a traditional, well-built approach, fantastic materials and fantastic craftsmanship. 

Parsons Group ensures the highest quality control standards, all resulting in a fantastic alternative to mainstream, well-advertised "big brands", offering rich, clear tone, pleasant, responsive all-hardwood action and an overall impressive musical experience.  

Professional Upright Piano, AH122 (48 1/2")

  • Professional Upright (48") by August Hoffmann 
  • Dimensions: 59" w x 23" d x 48 1/2" h
  • One only, rarely found!
  • Professional height (48") Upright Piano in A++ condition.
  • Beautiful padded matching bench, with sizeable storage compartment - included
  • Pre-delivery set up and tuning service - included
  • In-home tuning service - included
  • 5-year warranty - included
  • Cased in a beautiful, warm, rich-grain cherry POLISHED cabinet.
  • This is a beautiful sounding instrument in classic, elegant cabinet design: Simple and elegant, featuring straight leg design. The elegance and simplicity of the cabinet design are mirrored in the lovely, matching, original, matching bench with generous music compartment - bench (included).
  • 416-837-7381 - will not last long

They just don't make them like this any more: BALDWIN Upright Piano   SOLD

Iconic, hand-crafted Premium Quality American-made BALDWIN in Dark Brown Cherry, REAL-wood cabinet

Highly Recommended: YAMAHA Professional Upright Piano


Incredible, like-new YAMAHA, Made in Japan

  • Hard to find, Professional Level Yamaha Upright Piano.
  • 48" height - this is an upscale version of usual Yamaha U1 model
  • Circa 1989
  • Ebony Polished Cabinet
  • Matching YAMAHA adjustable bench included
  • 10 year P/L Warranty included
  • Delivery Included
  • Warm, rich, impressive tone
  • Legendary, reliable YAMAHA key-action/touch
  • 100% Made in Japan, with JIS - Japanese Industrial Standard Organization seal engraved into piano
  • Immaculate structural condition, action repetition and responsiveness
  • Compare to $12.000+ new unit
  • Long term solution, strong investment for wise piano shopper
  • Legendary tuning stability
  • Excellent resale potential
  • One only - 416-837-7381 - not to be missed!

Steinway & Sons. Upright Piano


STEINWAY & SONS UPRIGHT PIANO Pre-owned, immaculate

All original, 1994 Steinway & Sons Studio Console Upright Piano in custom-made, limited edition art/French Provincial, medium-walnut cabinet. Superbly maintained, minimally used; seasoned, settled and ready for decades and decades of impeccable Steinway Performance. Featuring that lush, warm yet full and rich Steinway Tone and uncompromising Steinway Accelerated Action Touch. Unmatched tuning stability! Built just like the Steinway Grand Piano, this 45" tall, beautiful instrument captivates with its unique tonal character, fast and responsive touch and gorgeous appearance. The price includes beautiful, hand-made Steinway matching bench, 10-year Warranty, delivery and VIP tuning package! Text or call David @ 416-837-7381 to set up your private appointment! Fantastic instrument & fantastic investment!

REWARD Yourself: Magnificent, Immaculate ORIGINAL Steinway & Sons Piano

ICONIC, BALDWIN Upright Piano: Immaculate Condition, US-made

CLASSIC & BEAUTIFUL!                            SOLD

Genuine, original, American-built Iconic BALDWIN upright piano. Circa 1996

A hand-made, well built in a tradition of prestigious Baldwin Grand Piano.

The full, rich and warm tone of this compact upright piano is just the beginning. 

  • Exclusive American maple 19 ply pin block for superb tuning stability
  • Solid Alaskan Spruce sounding board
  • Legendary Baldwin low-tension scale design
  • Premium, Baldwin-built double felted hammers
  • Massive cast iron frame, 5 over-sized back posts, thick hardwood rim in conjunction with 19-ply pin block ensure outstanding tuning stability and superior level of structural integrity
  • Gorgeous rich-grain, REAL satin cherry cabinet is hard to find in piano Industry today, and if so only on Premium Quality instruments. adequately priced
  • One only - Call/text 416-837-7381

INCLUDED: 10 year P/L Written Warranty, 

Clarkson Piano Studio recommending this great upright piano:

SAMICK Professional Upright Piano (52") - one only!  SOLD

Carefully selected - one only: Rich tone. Responsive, professional key-touch. Beautiful dark cherry lacquered, rich-grain cabinet with curved legs.

  • Full, warm and rich tone
  • Dimensions: 59" (w) x 25" (d) x 52" (h)
  • This Model's height, long strings and massive sounding-board ensure fantastic tone, touch-response and beautiful appearance
  • Top/export- quality, model designed and made to impress while NOT taking much floor space
  • Made in Korea using the top-quality European components and North American woods; first company in the Piano Industry to be ISO certified
  • Roslau strings, made in Germany
  • North-American maple pin-block and bridges
  • All North-American Maple action, with NO plastic parts
  • Deep, dark red-cherry, natural wood cabinet in outstanding condition
  • Beautiful matching bench OR brand new compact height-adjustable bench - included
  • GTA delivery included
  • Professional in-home tuning included
  • Great instrument, pristine condition, impressive sound; consistent, responsive touch. Long-lasting, compact solution!
  • Contact us for your private appointment - One only!

YAMAHA U1 - Immaculate Condition, one only!

This is a hard to find, 1990 Yamaha U1 built during the "Yamaha's best years".

Immaculate Condition,

Long term Solution

Great Yamaha Tone & Touch

Great Investment

The Yamaha U1 is the world's most popular piano. They are a valuable choice for music educators, conservatories, studio musicians, students and indeed home users.

This handsome instrument represents the best combination of quality and value.


Adjustable bench

Pre-delivery/ Full Prep

GTA Delivery

TWO in-home tunings

10-years P/L Warranty

Spruce Soundboard

Legendary YAMAHA U-Series pianos feature the Solid spruce sounboards, rather than laminated spruce or poplar used by competitor's. The choice in all fine pianos, this provides the best amplification of sound, the best tone and sustain.

Full Length Ribs

Yamaha reinforces the crown in its soundboards by using ribs that continue to the edge of the soundboard, and are glued into the notched liner (or inner rim on the grand piano). Reinforcing the crown ensures that the tone quality will remain for years and years and improves tuning stability..

Metal Action Rails

Yamaha engineering developed a unique Extruded Aluminum Alloy Action Rail (bearing a Yamaha patent) that is one of the best innovations for improving a piano action in the last 100 years. The usual fluctuations in wood rails that effect touch, caused by periodic weather changes, are eliminated allowing stable, long-lasting action regulation.

Balanced Action

Each key of this Yamaha piano is individually tested and measured for the corrections needed to obtain uniform "down weight" pressure. Yamaha actions play correctly and uniformly. This balancing helps ensure a lifetime of superior touch and control across the keyboard.

Uniform Key Travel

Yamaha designs all grand and vertical pianos to have the same key travel. Regardless of size, type or model of Yamaha piano, the keyboards will always feel the same.

Spruce Keys

Yamaha uses Spruce for the keys on all models of pianos. Spruce is very light and possesses a very high ratio of strength to weight. It is ideal for key construction, even though its cost is greater than either sugar pine or bass wood. Yamaha keyboards respond quickly providing fast repetition for the most intricate piece of music. Yamaha keyboards withstand heavy use over years of fortissimo passages.

PETROF 47" Upright (satin walnut). Award-winning, Hand-made European piano

PETROF Upright Piano (47") , EUROPEAN Hand-Made!

  • Immaculate, Like-new Condition
  • Rich, warm, singing and lush tone; very different texture from the tone of common Asian, mass produced pianos
  • Fine, Bohemian solid-spruce sounding board
  • Strings and pins Made in Germany
  • Satin walnut cabinet: Elegant and resistant to the finger marks!
  • Measurements: 47" (h) x 59" (w) x 25" (d)
  • 10-years Warranty, Delivery and 2 (two) in-home tunings - all included!

SOLD: Steinway Upright Piano


SAMICK Continental Console Upright Piano - one only               SOLD

Compact (43"), well-built, pristine condition. 

  • Contact us for your private appointment - One only!

Limited Edition Young Chang Professional Upright Piano (52")

Beautiful Lacquered Medium Walnut Cabinet, Queen Anne Style. SOLD

  • Limited Edition, Designer Series upright piano
  • ISO, JSO and SK Certified
  • Made in Korea using the top-quality European components and North American woods:
  • Roslau, Made in Germany strings
  • North American solid spruce sounding board
  • American Hard-Rock Maple pin-block and bridges
  • All-maple (no plastic) fast, responsive and reliable action
  • Full-length, grand piano-sized keys
  • Double-felted, cold-pressed hammers made from Royal George Premium felt (made in Great Britain)
  • Elegant, beautiful walnut cabinet; rich-grain, medium-brown
  • Curved legs; elegant bench included with matching leg-design and generous storage compartment
  • GTA delivery included
  • Two follow-up tunings included
  • P/L Warranty - included.
  • Fantastic condition - One only!
  • More images coming soon

Contact us for your private appointment

HEINTZMAN Studio Upright (45")

One Only!      sold

Rare opportunity to own a genuine hand-crafted HEINTZMAN upright piano in simply immaculate condition.  

This is a heirloom quality instrument built in Canada circa 1981 by the legendary Heintzman Piano Company - one of the most recognized and prestigious piano brands of all times.

Price of $4,990 includes standard GTA delivery and one in-home tuning.

A compact design of this well-made model that eliminated protruding front legs has created one of the smallest piano foot-prints available in the market. Despite it's surprisingly small foot print, this is a full-featured, sturdy and incredibly rich sounding upright piano: it's sounding board is equal in size to one of the 5' 7" grand piano! All for the fraction of the cost!


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