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Dedicated to Excellence in Music and in Life!

Piano lessons give the gift of music and much more:

The piano study enhances intellectual development, enriches the academic environment for students of all ages and builds skills for life.

The skills gained through sequential music instruction, including discipline and the ability to analyze, solve problems, communicate, and work cooperatively, are vital for success in the 21st-century workplace.

Contact us to enroll in our program and experience all the tremendous musical, academic, behavioural, social and health benefits of piano study. or call 905-822-0606 - Welcome!


Dedicated to Excellence in Music and in Life

  • Relaxed, friendly, supportive teaching environment: We've been the beginners, too!
  • Experienced, considerate, patient approach
  • Reasonable rates, flexible schedule, no admin fees
  • We specialize in teaching World-class, The Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Program and...
  • We specialize in The RCM Exam Preparation
  • We teach, play, support and encourage the pop/casual program/songs
  • Professional, comfortable, airy teaching facilities with plenty of natural light with complimentary WiFi access in the waiting area
  • We teach on the World's Finest - STEINWAY, YAMAHA & KAWAI pianos
  • Abundant Live performance opportunities
  • Committed to delivering great results since 1994
  • Questions? 905-822-0505 or contact us
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